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In adherence to the laid down legislation on imports and exports, more so in relation to the SABER certification, our organization, ABOUDi Modern Shipping LLC, seeks to help our clients and other interested parties on how to go about the new system. This will help the importers and tradesmen overcome complexities and various other challenges that they may have relating to the same.

Our company, ABOUDi Modern Shipping LLC, having been in the freight forwarding business for long boasts of great experience in the area, a good reputation and a strong/stable network in the field. This is a great advantage the company has and we seek to maximize greatly on this.

The advantages further trickle down to our client from our vast understanding of the freight forwarding activities.  This has overtime enabled our company to serve our clients better and to their satisfaction. Quality services are therefore assured when transacting business with us. 

The SABER System

The SABER system is a new compulsory importer based computerized system that aims at facilitating online import certification in Saudi Arabia. Over time, the system will replace the SASO COC system and become the only clearing system in Saudi customs practices. All the shipment that gets into Saudi Arabia will require a shipment COC and a product COC, which will be used through the SABER system. The SABER system will greatly change the landscape of freight forwarding in Saudi Arabia. The aim is basically to optimize import clearance process. Also, companies will be able to achieve leverage on imports thus make substantial amounts as sales. Further, it will enhance sustainable import clearance process through the SABER system. It is essentially an up to date system that seeks to revolutionize the import clearance area. Great benefits are therefore expected to come along with the adoption of the new system.

Features of SABER System

The SABER system has the following features that make it effective in import clearance. One is that it speeds up the issuance of processed certificates of conformity access, electronically. This greatly means that importers in Saudi Arabia can save on time and achieve goals faster than expected. The SABER system also reduces manipulation and fraud in products. This will enhance accountability and transparency in the import business. Another feature is that product registration, as well as approval, is done online. This greatly eases methods of doing business. The SABER system is, therefore, an excellent system. The last feature of the system relates to consumer protection due to the elimination of products that are non-conformance with the laid down terms.

Registering for SABER Certificate

Registration for the SABER system entails the following few activities. There are several registration fees that are needed for the registration process into the system. An importer is supposed to make a payment to the SABER system through the SADAD portal, paid directly to SASO. An importer opens files and records critical information as required and gets registered. There are other product fees and shipment certificate fees that importers ought to pay to enable the registration process to go on well. After the registration process, the importers can now trade effectively on the system and adhere to all the regulations.

Products That has to go Through SABER System

The regulations and guidelines in the SABER system have categorized several products over time that have been introduced into the SABER system categories. This is to ensure an efficient and smooth transit of products in the system. This will ensure that no delays are experienced in shipments and trade. All the time a product is declared mandatory to be on the SABER system, to ease this, the SABER portal has the system to verify it by searching HS Code , and HS code will make you understand that whether products are mandatory required products COC. procedures are mentioned against the HS code.. Currently, the system has approved the following products; electric fans, gas supply hoses, metals, industrial oils, degradable plastic products and various batteries. Further; paints, lift elevator systems, automatic transmission fluids, hydraulic binders, gas cylinder appliances, concrete tiles and bricks (building materials) are also in the list. Other items will be added as time goes by and upon approval of the same.

Benefits of Obtaining a SABER Certificate

The SABER system has a significant number of benefits that it brings along. When an importer acquires the certificate, he/she stands to gain a lot from the activities involved. One is that, importers enjoy sped up methods of certificate issuance for conformity on products. Through this, the importers save ample time to plan and carry on with their activities. Reduced time saves on the import time and could be reduced to below 24 hours. Another benefit of the SABER certification is that it links product approval of importers on the certification for electronic conformity through product registration validity. This would go a long way in enhancing efficiency in the importation system in Saudi Arabia.

Requirements to Applying for SABER Certificate

In order for importers to get the SABER certification, they have to meet certain spelled out requirements. First, the importers have to set up personal accounts and add all the products to the systems as they import. This is a measure aimed at achieving transparency and easing the way of doing business in Saudi Arabia. Importers have to apply for certificates related to products as well as approvals. The product certificate of conformity (COC) is valid for a period of one year per model number. The shipment certificate of conformity (COC) is valid as per the shipment, every time shipment COC has to be applied for new shipment in the SABER portal.

To apply for SABER, below are the mandatory requirements for the importer:
* Photographs of products with label mentioning the country of origin, model no. and barcode
* Product test reports, any 3rd party test report
* Commercial invoice
* Certificate of origin country

Looking Forward to SABER Certificate

The SABER system will is a great blessing of our times. It is a system that will greatly enhance effectiveness and efficiency in the freight forward industry. It is indeed the desire of businesses to maximize on opportunities and achieve leverage against others. In the digital world, the SABER system fills the gap and pays a significant role in imports and exports. It is indeed a paradigm shift in arranging for import activities and working towards perfecting them.

As a company, ABOUDi Modern Shipping LLC calls all our clients to embrace the system that from our view is a game-changer. The company will further guide all our clients and other interested parties on how to go about the new system. Together we can make this a success!!

Frequently Asked Questions on SABER Certificate

For SASO it will cost SAR 500 + VAT. For shipment CoC and Product CoC, it depends on the product type. Our technical team will be able to assess the product and give the right estimates.

Yes, obtaining SABER certificate is made mandatory for all importers in Saudi Arabia.

Our team will throughly review your documents and discuss possible exemptions, if any. Please consult ABDUI Cargo, fill the form on this page and our specialists will get in touch with you shortly.

It depends on the product type, its specifications and other requirements of the importer. Our technical team will be able to provide the right guidance. 

SABER certificate has two categories:
Shipment CoC – This is valid per shipment
Product CoC – Valid for one year per model

Yes, SABER certificate is absolutely necessary for customs clearance in Saudi Arabia.

ABOUDI technical team is more efficient to assist you for SABER. Do let us have you queries to give you proper guidance and assistance to increase your business in Saudi Arabia.

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